Appeal of the Congress of South Azerbaijan
Regarding 15th Anniversary of Khojaly Genocide

Dearest humanists,
Highly respected representatives of international organisations and ministers,


It has passed 15 years since Armenian aggressors committed the act of genocide in the Azerbaijani city Khojaly. But still, 35 millions South Azerbaijanis are awaiting You to condemn this genocide. XX century has witnessed genocide and massacres, such as named below1, which You many times have shown Your reactions to. But there has still not paid any attention to the most horrible and tragic of those massacres – Khojaly genocide and 21st Azer massacres. Today, it has past exactly 15 years since the massacre against the civil Azerbaijani people in Khojaly was committed by Armenian military forces. It’s time that those who had organized and fulfilled this bloodshed, everyone bearing the responsibility of the mass killing in Khojaly, get punished. A crime should not be ignored!


What Armenians -participating in the act of genocide they committed in Khojaly, and forces helping them had done, is highly against human rights and international statements such as Geneva Convention, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Pact on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child, Declaration on the Protection of Women and Children in Emergency and Armed Conflict.


On the night of 25th-26th February 1992, one of the most tragic brutalities against the humanity was perpetrated by Armenian military forces with the help of the former Soviet troop of infantry guard nr 366. Khojaly was occupied, the aggressors started with burning down the city and when 2500 civil Azerbaijanis who were left in the city tried to escape in order to save their lives towards the neighbour city Agdam, Armenian military troops mercilessly killed all these unarmed innocent civil Azerbaijanis and ruined the whole city.


Since the attack to Khojaly was made from three directions, the inhabitants had to escape in the direction towards Asgaran. But already by the village of Naxchevanik, they were met by the Armenian armed troops who fired intensively and again brutally killed the unarmed inhabitants of Khojaly who in the winter cold during the whole night had been trying to find rescue.

On the same days, the Armenians, with helicopters and special equipment, searched through woods seeking for people, and finding anyone they took them as hostages, tortured and beat savagely. Except the armoured military equipment, even Artsax terrorist group participated in this bloody attack.


On that night, in only few hours the Armenian terrorist groups and military troops mercilessly killed 613 people - among them 63 were children, 106 women, 70 elders, 8 families were totally exterminated, more than 130 children were partly and more than 25 children were totally orphaned, 487 were seriously hurt – among them 76 were children, more than 1275 were taken hostages and about 150 of them there still is no information about.


This cruel, inhuman and violent barbarism was committed by military forces of Republic of Armenia, and with help of Russian troops.


On the 28th February, a group of journalists by two helicopters could arrive to the place where Azerbaijanis had been mass killed. What they saw was a tragic view – the ways were full with dead bodies, corpses. Only 4 of the bodies could be taken back, due to the intensively firing of Armenian forces there. On the 1st May, foreign journalists witnessed a more terrifying and horrible scene – the heads of corpses were scalped, ears and other body parts were cut out, the eyes were excavated and bodies were totally burned up.

Here is what the foreign press wrote about the massacre:
"Crual L'Eveneman" (Paris), 25th March 1992: "The Armenians attacked Khojali district. The whole world witnessed the disfigured dead bodies. Azerbaijanis are informing about thousand of killed people".
"Sunday Times" (London), 1st March 1992: "Armenian soldiers annihilated hundreds of families".
"Financial times" (London), 9th March 1992: "…Armenians shot down the refugees fleeing to Aghdam. The Azerbaijani side has counted up to 1200 dead bodies…”
A Lebanese cameraman confirmed the information about rich DASHNAK communities in Lebanon, sending weapon and men to Karabakh.
"Times" (London), 4th March 1992: "Many people were mutilated, nothing else but the head was left of a little girl "
"Financial Times", 14th March 1992: "General Polyakov said that 103 Armenian soldiers from the regiment nr 366 had stayed in Nagorno-Karabakh".
"Le Mond" (Paris), 14th March 1992: "…The foreign journalists in Aghdam saw the women and three scalped children with the pulled off nails among the killed people. This is not an "Azerbaijani propaganda", this is a fact and reality!"
"Izvestiya" (Moscow), 13rd March 1992: "Major Leonid Kravets: "I saw about hundred dead bodies on the hill. A little boy’s head was cut off. All over, there were dead bodies of women, children, elders killed with the particular brutality".
"Valer actuel" (Paris), March 14, 1992: "…On this "autonomous region" Armenian armed forces together with the people who are natives of Near East have the most modern military equipment, including the helicopters. ASALA has its military bases and ammunition dumps in Syria and Lebanon. Armenians have mass killed in more than hundred villages and thereby implemented Azerbaijanis of Karabakh”.
And here is the comment of R. Patrick - a journalist of British TV Company who personally was at the place of massacre: “Crime in Khojaly, cannot be justified, in any way at all, in public opinion”.


Since there is no possibility for 35 millions of South Azerbaijanis living under the rule of despot Persian regime, to directly repulse the aggression of Republic of Armenia, they expect all international organisations and humanists to condemn the aggressors, to assess the acts in Khojaly, to help fairly solving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and to restore the territorial integrity of Republic of Azerbaijan. We appeal to all nations of the world, states, international organisations, to defend the justice and truth and condemn the act of ethnic cleansing and terrorism committed in Khojaly.


Down with the committers of Khojaly genocide and their supporters!
The memory of innocent people brutally killed in the Khojaly massacre, will live forever!


Chairman of the Central Committee of the Congress of South Azerbaijan


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